New Thoughts

My work deals with ideas of instruction and consumerism on a domestic level, whether it is in the home or in a similar domestic setting. I am becoming ever more intrigued by the way in which we, as humans are controlled in our daily existence. How many times throughout your life so far have you asked or prompted to follow an instruction within the home?
When I talk about domestic environment, I aim to concentrate on the way in which we are influenced from children to adulthood within our home. Instructed, influenced and conditioned. My work playfully exposes the pit-falls of parenting and comments on the hypocrisies that lie within it.
The idea of instruction and control is an underlying narrative that runs alongside my daily practice. I recently began to make works within a series proudly named ‘I’ll Show you how...’ .The series is an arrogant documentation of situations, behaviour, and actions that I can do more successfully than anyone else.
I document these ideas through time based media, mainly video and photographs. My work appropriates itself in terms of how it is displayed , it has an ‘educational’ quality to it. As soon as I make it I have a strong feeling of where and how it will be shown. Gillian wearing says, “With television it's domestic so you can get up and leave, or switch channels. In a gallery people can contemplate, and they don't have any of the domestic trappings that can waver their interests.” Contemplation is highly prevalent within my work. The viewer looks, reflects and hopefully nervously laughs. I try to impose a slight embarrassment on the viewer, mocking their domestic existence within the home, the way they move, talk and perhaps learn.