do we need to learn?

I have recently created 4 new video works which comment on personal and cultural issues in today's society, more specifically London.

I have recently joined the ever- pretentious London club scene, and this immediately gave me the amunition to produce the work that is now available for you're viewing pleasure.

I sometimes feel that so called 'trends' or 'patterns in culture' are becoming more and more predictable. The 'he did it' so 'ill do it' attitude has never been so prevelant.

I have started to produce works that comment on the notions of influence and control, ever-aiming to make people aware of the hypocricy that appears in modern culture. I film demonstration-style videos that aim to capture the viewers attention, whilst playing on their insecurites. The assumption that they will want to learn, thus gaining a better understanding of the society that they inhabit.

Everyday night out, every venue, and every clubber is highly influenced by the next person to walk through the door in a slightly different kneck attatchment. ha!

As a viewer , do you sit and watch?

do you think you will learn?

There is only one way to find out!

The idea of my work is simply in the answer to those questions.